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Get ready for one of the best Adventure Raids in Europe! “The Greek Odyssey”! After 7 editions, we will travel you all over the most wonderful coasts of Greece.

Want to try off road adventure tour with a perfect organized plan?

Want to practice with Roadbook reading for an upcoming rally participation?

Want to share with your motorbike friends a beautiful light enduro trip?

Want to follow through deviations and “bypasses” a lighter track?

Want to ride feeling safe and secure no matter what happens?

What are you waiting for?

Book now to the Seaside Edition of The Greek Odyssey

The Seaside Edition at April 21-28, will start from Epirus and through Central Greece and Peloponnese with a great finish at Olympia Ancient Site, as you have never seen these places before. We will take you to unknown trails, amazing seaside destination and through historical sites of Ancient Greece. Get a taste of history while you discover the ancient ruins that have been standing for over 2000 years.

In Balkan Edition, at October 6-13, the route starts from Bulgaria, pass through North Macedonia, enters Greece, and cross Greece from North to South to our final destination Nafpaktos! 7 days, 3 countries, many mountains, few seas!

After a marvelous daily off road trip, on our motorbikes, quads or 4X4 vehicles, and after visiting the best sight seeing sites of Greece, we will enjoy dinner with traditional Greek food and music, and finally we will relax in 3-4 stars hotels.

The route covers a daily distance of 200-400kms and the total distance of the event is 1400-1700kms. Passing you through mountains and paths not seen anywhere in Greece.

Two navigation options: Roadbook or GPS tracks.

We are there to help you, to support you, to guide you, to be your friend and your company, covering you with GPS Tracking System from My-Track and roadside assistance in case you lose your way or break down. We also provide a medical team in case of an emergency.

Our moto is: Safety first. Enjoy the event without the racing pressure. Come alone or with your friends for a great adventure you will never forget.

The route offers easy access for bikes, quads or 4X4 cars. No race experience is necessary for the event. On the contrary, it is the best opportunity for RoadBook training as a prelude for real Rally Raid race events.