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routes 2019

4th edition ROUTE 2019

The route is composed of easy or medium tarmac roads, easy or medium off road tracks, some connecting asphalt domestic roads (not highways), and some more difficult parts (on demand) for the more aggressive participants. There will be daily stops at beautiful sights, historic monuments, lakes, caves or top ridges of the mountains, for fingerfood or photos. In any case, you will feel our presence EVERYWHERE! 



       saturday 19/10 | REGISTRATION DAY - HOTEL AT athens 16:00

Starting destination is ATHENS.https://goo.gl/maps/oc4JhqkUSim The access can me be done by boat from Italy to Patras https://goo.gl/maps/9AVrsNsMBV52, by plane from El.Venizelos Airport https://goo.gl/maps/wNWAmCmgcn92. More information about the route, will be a daily surprise!

         sunday 20/10 | DRIVING DAY 1 240KM | athens - KArystos (evia island)

The first day of Greek Odyssey will be a tour near Athens Mountains Parnitha & Penteli to the road to Ag.Marina port so to take the ferry for Evia. Late the afternoon, we'll drive from asfalto road to Karystos, the southest town of Evia. https://goo.gl/maps/U51rwQKJnaD7LWQn7

        monday 21/10 | DRIVING DAY 2 210KM | KARYSTOS - EDIPSOS (EVIA)

Second day we start riding north crossing the best tracks and mountains of Evia Island. Routes with amazing view to beaches and Aegean see, Skyros Island and Evoikos Gulfs. Our final Destination will be at Edipsos, an old thermal resort opposite Central Greece https://goo.gl/maps/PKAVpmJmTccPcKbj9  

        tuesday 22/10 | DRIVING DAY 3 220KM | ARKITSA - KARPENISI

Leaving Evia by ferry, we return to Central Greece upgoing to high mountains Kallidromo, Iti and Giona, on the way to Karpenisi https://goo.gl/maps/SSmujSNnofyEGbrx8. Small villages, fallen roads, off road terrain, in a beautiful enduro day!

    wednesday 23/10 | DRIVING DAY 4 190KM |KARPENISI - GALAXIDI 

Day fourth and very early the morning we go south, to Kalliakouda and Pantavrechi famous areas near Karpenisi, and then we follow a long trip to Mornos reservoir with the final destination to Itea and Galaxidi over Corinthian Gulf. Itea https://goo.gl/maps/UJyvqkaPB4J2 and Galaxidi https://goo.gl/maps/fkzxFCwWgY82 seaside towns, are the ideal place to relax and enjoy the end of a long day.

        thursday 24/10 | DRIVING DAY 5 270KMGALAXIDI - LOUTRAKI

Day fifth and very early the morning we go north, to Acient Delfi. Delfi is Istoric monument, the old "Center of the World", me most visible acient point of Greece. Then we will try to cover as much easy kilometres we can, in the longest day of The Greek Odyssey, to our way near Attiki, at Loutraki seaside town in the Corinthian Gulf https://goo.gl/maps/mC5eHpGpLf3q5DEX7.

        friday 25/10 DRIVING DAY 6 190KM | LOUTRAKI - athens

Last day and the terrain is like paradise! Beautiful tracks into beautiful parts of mountains Gerania and Pateras, on our way back to Athens. It would be good to make a small tour at Parnitha mountain, before to enjoy our last dinner all together with delicious food and greek wine! 


 Goodbye! See you again soon, at the 5th Edition of The Greek Odyssey - Adventure Raid, at Autumn 2020

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