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Please read carefully the Details, F.A.Q., Support and Regulations to make sure you have all the necessary information before the event.
You will need to follow the event guidelines. Don’t hesitate to ask!


– The vehicles must be technically checked 100%. Tires, engine, oil, etc. The front & back light, the horn, stop lights, must be functional.
– In case you are going to navigate with a roadbook, your navigation instruments (Road Book holder and rally trip computer) must be stabilized and functional.
–  If you need to buy tires during the Raid, contact the organization.
– It is good to use tires for hard terrain and mousse instead of tubes.
– The minimum fuel autonomy must be 140kms or more.
– It is obligatory to use a GPS unit on your bike for safety reasons, and to know how to use it.


The famous GPS tracking system from, that makes the Greek Odyssey Adventure Raid’s safety plan perfect, will use new GPS trackers specialized for bikes and cars. We need to have a pair of wires 12V with a fuse 2A directly from the battery, with 10cm length in the cockpit area to install the trackers.
My-Track has developed the ideal GPS Tracking system for Rallies, which is very helpful for organizers

Click here to how you need to install your tracker on your bike.
Click here to see instructions for personal tracker.


We would like to announce that SuperFast Ferries will be once again one of our sponsors for The Greek Odyssey Adventure Raid, offering participation discount prices for the transport to the rally.
Superfast Ferries supports the Greek Odyssey and offers discount prices to our competitors.
Below are the details of that Super Fast Ferries will provide:


– 30% discount for transport of passengers in all categories of accommodation from the official price list
– 30% discount for transport of cars & trailer according to the categories of vehicles from the official price list
Discount Period:

Spring Edition: 25/04/2023-11/05/2023 to / from Patras to Ancona, Bari or Venezia Order No: 23/104/030/ORD/GPA

Balkan Edition: 22/10/2022 – 26/10/2023 from Patras to Ancona, Bari or Venezia Order No: 23/30/030/ORD/GPA

For Passengers, Cars, Vans: e-mail: Phone: +302108919200, 200,  Fax: +302108919938
For Cargo / Trucks: e-mail:  Phone: +302108919710 Fax: +302108919719


– There will be Assistance guide for all the participants on how to come to the starting point from Athens Airport or Patras Port.
– We follow you 24 hours per day with our Satellite GPS Tracking System from My-Track.
– During the whole day, there will be an Organization Van which will carry all your personal baggage from bivouac to bivouac. You can give us one big sack with your clothes, personal belongings and an extra box (maximum weight 40kg for both of them). We can not carry tires, tools or spare parts.
– At noon, there will be finger foods (light lunch break) on the mountains, organized by us. Later in the evening, we will enjoy our dinner all together in a special Greek taverns!
– If you need extra Service support, there will be a Greek support team to help you fix your bike, change tires or anything that might arise. You can ask for it with extra cost, till 1st November.
– The services and tires change will be done every night.
– If you are member in an other partner / assistance team, they will arrange everything for you and your bike.
– If you have any technical problem on the mountains, there will be an Organization 4X4 vehicle to help you fix the technical problem, or carry your bike to the next bivouac.
– If you have an accident, there will be a medical 4X4 vehicle with experienced paramedics following you, that can be on time near the incident place. There are hospitals in near the cities, 1-3 hours time distance. There will be on road stand by ambulance.



All vehicles (motorbikes, quads, cars) will be equipped with a GPS Tracker from MyTrack GPS Live Tracking Company.
The famous GPS tracking system from, that makes The Greek Odyssey safety plan perfect, uses new GPS trackers specialized for bikes and cars.

MY-TRACK NEEDS ELECTRICITY! So we need to have a pair of wires 12V directly from the battery, with 10cm length in the cockpit area to install the trackers.

There will be a parallel double system for the participants, so we will give you also a personal tracker to have it in your pocket. (The tracker will be powered by its own internal battery).

My-Track has developed the ideal GPS Tracking system for Rallies, which is very helpful for organizers.

There will be a guarantee deposit of 200€ for the trackers in case of damage, that you will receive back after the end of the Raid.

Every participant is responsible to charge his personal tracker every night

Click here to how you need to install your tracker on your bike

Click here to see instructions for personal tracker.. 

Email: | Web:


Do you have bike? Ok! Can you bring it to Greece? Perfect! The distance from Patras to the Starting point of the Sea Side edition 2023 is about 220kms easy asphalt road, on Highway.

Do you have Car Van? Wow! There are some discount tickets through Superfast Ferries. 

You don’t have ability to bring your bike? No problem! Hop on a airplane to Athens and ask an agent to bring you the bike and / or to support you! There are agents all over the Europe or just use the support team in Greece.

Think about it and get in contact with them:


By signing up with “The Greek Odyssey – Adventure Raid” entry form, there are some rules you must follow for these days:

– Always remember that it is a Raid Trip, an Adventure Tour, and it is NOT a Competition Race or Rally event
– There will be a chief guide rider with you all day long. You have to follow his instructions in case of emergency.
– There will be Technical Control for the vehicles. All vehicles must have new tires, lights, mud guards in some distance from the wheels, and a GPS that can receive the official tracks of the route. ALL vehicles / participants must have GPS, NOT only in GPS class, but also Road Book class. 
Starting order will be decided the previous evening, by groups of 2-3 riders.
– The motorbikes must have all appropriate papers, insurance, green card, and the rider license to drive.
– The rider must wear all appropriate enduro protective clothing, which means helmet, boots, gloves, chest / arms / knees protectors, googles, etc.
– Every rider must carry a back bag with some useful thing, such as tools, raincoat, water, energy bars. You must also carry a mobile phone which can be heard, reached, seen, or felt via the vibration in case we need to contact you during the event.
– Riders can ride in groups. Do not overtake aggressively, to avoid throwing stones or mud on other riders.
– Every participant is responsible to charge his personal tracker (in case you are using one) every night
– In case of lost or damage, try to stay on the main road and call for help.
– The participants must follow the daily briefing. They cannot follow their own route, unless they have permission from the chief guide rider.

  • If severe weather conditions arise during the dates of the Greek Odyssey, the organizer has the right to either reroute the event, by changing the tracks or cancel a whole days stage. This decision will be made for the safety of all participants. No refunds will be made for the cancellation of stage days.