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2nd edition ROUTE 2018

The route is composed of easy or medium tarmac roads, easy or medium off road tracks, some connecting asphalt domestic roads (not highways), and some more difficult parts (on demand) for the more aggressive participants. There will be daily stops at beautiful sights, historic monuments, lakes, caves or top ridges of the mountains, for fingerfood or photos. In any case, you will feel our presence EVERYWHERE! 



       saturday | REGISTRATION DAY - HOTEL FILOXENIA 16:00

Starting destination is KALAVRYTA, near PATRAS. https://goo.gl/maps/5f671LbZ7mT2 The access can me be done by boat from Italy, by plane from Athens, highspeed train from the airport to Kiato https://goo.gl/maps/wZVyeGYnjp32 and then a traditional small train "odontotos" http://www.odontotos.com/ from Diakofto https://goo.gl/maps/bjjv2Twge362  to Kalavryta. More information about the route, will be a daily surprise!

         sunday | DRIVING DAY 1 180KMKALAVRiTA - KALAVRITA

 The first day of Greek Odyssey will be a 200 klm circle around the Helmos mountains of Kalavrita passing from the Ski Center, riding on the top of mountain (Karafla) with magnificent view, passing the traditional village of Zahlorou, Makelaria Monastery and the historical church of Agia Lavra where the Greek revolution started on 1821.


 Second day we start riding south. Helmos mountain in the beginning and we reach Ladonas river with beautiful landscape. After lunch break we enter the Foloi forest. A fairy tail place with tall oak trees and roads that you wish that never ends. Real riding experience. We finish at the Ancient Olympia the place where the Olympic Games were born!


 Leaving the Ancient Olympia at 3rd day, we continue riding south passing through traditional villages and some tricky roads. We reach the Apollo Temple and we will stop for lunch break outside Agia Theodora church where big trees are on the roof! After some easy roads we reach the 2nd biggest city of Peloponnese, Kalamata. We will stay at a beautiful hotel on the beach.

        wednesday | DRIVING DAY 4 190KM |KALAMATA - LEONIDIO

 Day fourth and after breakfast we will ride on the wild mountain of Taygetos . Our destination is north at the beginning and after we go east. After Taygetos we will enter Parnonas Mountain.Lunch break outside traditional Polydroso village and then we pass through famous Kosmas Village, before we continue dowhill at the east seaside of Peloponnese, at Poulithra village, near Leonidio.

        thursday | DRIVING DAY 5 240KMleonidio - ano trikala

 Day fifth and very early the morning we go north, over the Leonidio, trying to cover as much easy kilometres we can, in the longest day of The Greek Odyssey. After some asfalt middle routes, we pass through Tripoli town, before going to Stymfalia old Lake in a plateau. The final part it won't be easy, as we go up to the Ziria (Kylini) mountain, at 2.000 meters altitude! Through the Snow Center and Dasiou Lake we reach at the most high touristic village in Corinth, Ano Trikala!

        friday DRIVING DAY 6 180KMano trikala - KALAVRITA

 Last day and the most soft and muddy, as the terrain is like paradise! Beautiful tracks into beautiful parts of mountains to our final destination... Feneos Lake is always a magic scenery, before Zarouchla Forest and our lunch brake at Tsivlou Lake! Last past, last memories from Peloponnese Adventure Raid, as Mega Spileo (Big Cave) Monastery, Odontotos traditional train at Kato Zachlorou... We will share our experience in the best traditional Taverna at Kalavryta, with delicious food and greek wine! 

         saturday | DEPARTURE DAY

 Goodbye! See you again soon, at the 3rd Edition of The Greek Odyssey-Hellas Raid, at Autumn 2018!

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